What is the material content of your fabric?
-polyester 92%, spandex 8%

Can I machine wash your pant?
-Absolutely! Our pant is machine washable and lay flat to dry. The fabric is also dry clean approved.

Has your fabric been tested?
-Yes. Our fabric has gone through extensive fabric testing with Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd. As to color fastness to washing, color fastness to rubbing, and pilling resistance after wash, our fabric proudly received the highest possible testing grades of “commercially acceptable”.

Will your pant shrink after washing?
-No. Our pants are a wonderful combination of polyester and spandex, which is not conducive to shrinking. Please follow our recommended care instructions.

What sizes do you offer?
-Our pants are sized small, medium, large and extra-large. We’re hoping to offer extra-small spring 2017.

How can I decide the correct size for me?
Please refer to the size chart below.

Can I wear your pant year-round?
-Possibly, if you live in an area with cooler summer temperatures. With winter upon us, our current product has been made with a heavier fabric. We recommend wearing tights under our pant for extra warmth on really cold days. We’re launching a lighter weight pant spring 2017.

Does your pant travel well?
-Absolutely! Our pant is wrinkle resistant. They still look great after hours of sitting or moving around. They are perfect for work or play!


Can your pant be hemmed?
-Yes. Our pant is a bit on the long side to accommodate our taller customers; therefore, we recommended your tailor use the same stitch we have chosen.

-Keep in mind, our pant is made to be versatile. Wearing our pant with its regular waistband lengthens the pant for heels, while flipping the waistband over shortens the pant for flats.

Is your pant made in America?
-Proudly, yes. Our pant is made in Manhattan’s Garment District, New York City, New York, USA.
-Our fabric is from Hong Kong.

Do you make tops?
-Tops and wraps are in the works for spring 2017.

Where can I purchase your product?
-Kimberly James is currently selling on Amazon (link here). We do not sell directly from our website or in stores. If this changes, we’ll let you know via Facebook. Please like our page on Facebook at Kimberly James Apparel.

Does your pant have a zipper or buttons?
-No, our pant has a soft, comfortable waistband. Absent are zippers, buttons, hooks, ties or snaps.

Why should I purchase your pant?
Kimberly James Apparel wants to offer a pant that has all of the wonderful qualities a woman needs in her clothing and in her life. Our pant is:
-Easy care